What exactly is the Chamber of Commerce?

What does the Chamber do?  Who is the Chamber?  Do you know?

Typical start to my day:  I check my phone messages, there is a caller who needs some info on a local contractor.  Another caller needs a referral for someone to come clean their home.  Another caller cant find the phone number for the Register of Deeds.  I have an email about where the farmer’s markets are,  and I have all the answers to these questions.  We got 800+ calls last year.  Then the door opens, they need a phone book, or a local map, a real estate agent, or they are looking for restaurants, or maybe they are thinking of moving here and want to know what its like to live here…. you get my drift.  We provide information, all day long, to a very close-knit engaged community.  If not the Chamber, then who?  And our members?  We promote them first before anyone else, and they are on our board of directors, and our committees, and volunteer for all our events and in the office.  They are listed on our website, so new customers can find them easily, along with information on tourism, history, education, health care, the performing arts, crafts and artists, government, local foods, wineries, outdoor adventures, hiking trails, waterfalls, etc.   The Chamber is you, me,  every business, everything!