Haute Couture, part 2

I wanted to explain why I didn’t post photos of the Charles Harbison photo shoot.  These fashions are VERY new, and the designer will release the designs in due time.  This was a closed shoot, and everyone on the team takes this very seriously.  I was extremely privileged to wander around and peek in when I wanted to, trying not to get in the way.  Okay, I might have had a big grin and looking dopey-eyed, which I was.   I knew before hand this was secretive and agreed to keep it so.  I thought I could hang out for an hour or so and leave.  But I learned that it takes hours to prepare these models, doing makeup, hair, nails, for a specific outfit.  Hours.  The team was busy scoping out the rooms, vast porch, the whole property, finding the right views.  When these fashions are published, with Cheyenne Jennings modeling, and mentions  of the old Mimosa, we will beam with pride.   To see Cheyennes  Professional Bio and photos of her work you can see her Facebook page, or this link to 3BlackBird Management.